Top 4 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

tools of woodworker

The success of a woodworker depends not only on his/her skill but also on the tools, accessories he/she have for finishing woodworking projects. Unlike old ineffective tools, now we have many wonderful tools that help in finishing various complicated woodworking projects in shorter periods. Modern day tools are light-weight, safe and accurate woodworking devices. A person who wants to start his/her career in woodworking must have these fabulous tools. These tools help in creating countless designs, patterns on wood, metals and other material. Read this article and learn about top 5 power tools that every woodworker must have for growing his/her profession.

1. Jigsaw


This woodworking tool is made up using an electronic motor and a saw blade. This tool is used for cutting thousands of patterns from wood and other materials. The most popular patterns are curved and circular patterns. Jigsaws are also called by scroll saws, sabre saws or bayonet saws. Also, there are tools such as bandsaw that provide more accurate operation than jigsaws, but they do not suit all kinds of people. If you are a beginner in woodworking, then jigsaw is the best option for you. Some jigsaws also have splinter control shoe for reducing the splintering. According to your preference, you need to select the specific type of jigsaw.

2. Router


A router is used for removing the area from the wood, plastics, etc. The four common types of router are

  • Trim Routers – These are used for softening sharp edges or cutting small sized wood patterns
  • Mid-Sized Routers – These are used for making small, moderate and large profile cuts, mortising, dovetailing, etc.
  • Fixed Base Routers – These are used for general profiling and feeding the wood edges.
  • Full-Size Routers – These are used for making ordinary or large profiling of cabinet doors.

Therefore, different routers are used for different applications. According to the skills and requirements, a person should select the specific router. And for a beginner, I want to suggest stationary quality base router. This router takes care of various woodworking tasks and can also be mounted on a router table. A router table is a machine designed using several woodworking tools and accessories. This router table is capable of finishing countless woodworking projects in lesser periods.

3. Power Drill

Power Drill

Another power tool that every woodworker should have is power drill. This tool is designed using various drill bits or driver bits for creating holes in wood, plastics or other materials. These tools are used in woodworking, metalworking applications where high intensity and high power is required. Different drills are powered using different energies. Some are powered using electricity, some using compressed air and some using internal combustion machine. Various types of drills are

  • Hand Drills
  • Pneumatic Drills
  • Corded Drills
  • Hammer Drills
  • Cordless Drills
  • Mill Drills

Here, also, a person needs to select a specific drill according to his/her preference. A beginner should purchase a corded drill as this drill is more powerful and accurate than the cordless drill. Also, this drill is cheaper than cordless drill and can be easily moved to different positions. However, you can also select straight drill, hammer drill or mill drill for starting a career in woodworking.

4. Circular Saw

Circular Saw

We have another saw for cutting operations but here cutting is done in a rotary motion. This tool is designed using a high-quality material’s disc or blade. Various cuts are made on wood, metals, plastics, etc. through the help of the circular saw. This saw is more accurate than the table saw and jigsaw and is used in a massive number of woodworking, metal working applications. You can make perfect, clear cuts on plywood, medium density fiberboard material in shorter periods by using a circular saw. As there are various types of circular saw, so a beginner should select the specific circular saw that has high horsepower, has the larger size and has various security features.

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For acquiring huge success, a woodworker must have some specific powerful tools. Jigsaw is used for making curved and circular patterns on wood, plastics, etc. A stationary base router that can be easily mounted on the router table is an ideal router for any woodworking beginner. Hammer Drill, Corded Drill, Hand Drill, Pneumatic Drill, Mill Drill are some important power drills. A Circular Saw uses rotary motion for creating woodcuts, metal cuts, plastic cuts.

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