8 Interesting Facts About Cricket

Who does not know about the international game Cricket?

Cricket is the second most popular game after football. It is played in all parts of the world. This game was originated in south-east England in the late 16th century. Started with Test and ODI format, now the cricket is also played in T20 format.


Since the invention of this game, an infinite number of records have been created. And the records are still increasing with every new game of cricket. After a span of 4 years, plenty of nations play for the ICC cricket world cup. If we want to learn all about cricket, we need to start by knowing about the fantastic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He is known as the God of cricket who started playing cricket at 16 years of age. In his entire cricket career, he created millions of records. It is impossible to think of breaking all the records of this fantastic cricketer.

Other than Sachin Tendulkar, we also have cricketers that have thousands of records under their name. Well, if you want to learn some interesting knowledge about cricket, then read this article and enjoy 15 interesting cricket facts:

Fact 1

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, grandfather of Saif Ali Khan, is the only cricketer who has played Test cricket for both India and England. He has represented England before the independence and has represented the blue jersey after media’s independence.

Fact 2

Can you tell me highest number of runs scored in a single over? 36? Not its double than this number. A batsman scored 77 runs in an over; a domestic game played in New Zealand. It happened when bowlers gave as many runs as possible for taking last two wickets of the batting time.

Isn’t this an amazing fact?

Fact 3

On 11/11/11, South Africa, a popular international cricket team, got a target of 111 runs. They need to score at 11.11 runs per over for winning this cricket match. Surprisingly, all the things happened with the magical 11.

Fact 4

You might be assuming that the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is the Indian batsman with highest test match average. If you are thinking like this, I want to tell you that are wrong as Vinod Kambli, another Indian batsman has a record of 54.15 test match average which is more than Sachin Tendulkar’s 53.75. However, Tendulkar has played 200 test matches while Kambli has played only 17 test matches.

Fact 5

Another interesting cricket fact is the Alec Stewart’s numbers fact. It is surprising that this English batsman was born on 8-4-63 has also scored 8463 runs in his test match career. Therefore, one more coincidence happened with the game of numbers.

Fact 6

Sir Don Bradman, the legendary Australian cricketer, has hit only six sixes in his entire test career. This is amazing! As the batsman who had the record of highest Test batting average has hit only a few boundaries. This great batsman has maintained an average of 99.90 throughout his career.

Fact 7

Are you aware of longest cricket match? It happened in 1939 between two popular teams England and South Africa. This match was played for 14 days and still no winner was decided. This match was decided was a tie.

Fact 8

The popular game Cricket was also appeared in the Olympics. Not just once, But this has happened on two occasions. Firstly, in 1896 Athens, cricket was introduced, but the lack of competitors resulted in its unsuccessfulness in Olympics. And on the second time, Cricket match was played between Great Britain and France at 1900 Paris Olympics. Great Britain, the winner of this game was rewarded with the gold medal.

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Cricket is the second most popular game played all over the world. Invented in England, this sport has now become the national sport of many countries. There are many amazing facts associated with this game. Vinod Kambli, the Indian batsman, has broken the record of Sachin Tendulkar by maintaining a test match average of 54.15. The maximum runs that are scored in an over are 77 and not 36. This popular game was also introduced in Olympics. Sir Don Bradman, a popular Australian cricketer, has only hit six sixes in his entire test career.