4 Great Reasons To Own A Plunge Router

A router is one of the most common woodworking tools. This tool is used in countless woodworking applications. Various woodworking projects are finished with the help of this device. According to the applications, routers have been classified into different categories. There are fixed-Base routers, trim routers, full-sized and mid-sized routers. Also, we have another type of routers – plunge routers, used for creating many patterns and designs on wood, metals, etc. However, this router works similar to other routers but provide more accurate reasons than other routers. Read the article and learn five reasons why you should own a plunge router.

What is Plunge Router?

Plunge Router

A plunge router is designed using a spring base and a motor. Unlike fixed-base routers, the bits of these routers can be moved into different positions of the wood. You can easily mount this specifically shaped router into various router tables. Or you can use this router in old handheld fashion. A person must have the specific strength for working accurately with this woodworking tool. Plunge routers are used for making shelves, doors, cabinets and other furniture. These devices are specifically used for inside grooving and cutting applications.

4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Plunge Router?

  1. Safety – Who want to work with an unsafe tool?

Woodworking is not an easy task. A person should learn all the specific skills for becoming a better woodworker. Also, the tremendous amount of strength is required for certain woodworking applications. Therefore, a beginner needs to start his/her career by working on safer woodworking tools. Modern day routers i.e. plunge routers are designed using EVS Motors. This motor helps in providing greater control in various woodworking activities. You can finish various woodworking projects in lesser time by using this router. However, for becoming a better woodworker, you need to invest more time in this woodworking tool. In a nutshell, the Plunge Router is an ideal router for a woodworking beginner because of its amazing security feature.

  1. Usability with Jigsaws – Another reason to own a plunge router is its integral importance for jigsaws. These routers combine with jigsaws for number of woodworking applications. Jigsaws combine the plunge routers for cutting tenons, mortises, dovetails and what not. Without these routers, the jigsaw cannot provide these wonderful operations.

As if you don’t know about tenons, mortises, dovetails, I want to tell you these are specific joints used for joining various wood, metal materials together.

  1. Compatibility with Bits– Like various categories of routers, we also have various types of router bits. The most common bits are straight bits, flush-trim bits, chamfer bits, rabetting bits and round-over bits and cove bits. Different bits uses plunge routers for specific woodworking applications. For example, a keyhole groove is created by the combined operation of a chamfer bit and a plunge router. Some specialized bits that have cutters on top, bottom and other sides are used for more enhanced woodworking applications. The plunge router can be used with all these bits and provide many fabulous results.

Therefore, unlike fixed-base routers, plunge routers can be used with all router bits and deliver fantastic results.

  1. Adjustability– One more feature that any woodworking wants is adjustability feature. He/she wants the specific router that can be easily adjusted with other tools. It is the micro-adjustable knob that helps in adjusting the plunge router to definite height. As it is hard to change the height of fixed-base routers, so you use the plunge base router for fine-tuning and other depth adjustment operations. You can use these routers according to your needs and requirements and create thousands of designs and patterns on wood, metals, etc.

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You should own a plunge router because of many reasons. A plunge router is a tool that can be adjusted to different heights for performing various woodworking activities. The EVS Motors of these routers allow more control and safety. Plunge routers are used with jigsaws for creating specific joints such as tenons, mortises, dovetails, etc. You can use any specific bit for this great router. Adjust plunge routers according to your needs and finish various woodworking projects in shorter periods.